Sunday, November 11, 2012

Name Jail

Do you have students committing the crime of NO NAME ON THEIR PAPERS?  Maybe you even have repeat offenders?  Send them to Name Jail!  This poster hangs next to my classroom door.  If you are in Name Jail, you are not going to recess.  Bail is set at 10 names in the beginning of the year and goes up to 50 by the end.  I had this laminated at Office Max so that it would be really nice quality lamination.  I velcroed a Vis-a-vis on the door jam so it would always be where I needed it.


  1. What a cute idea! My second graders are terrible about putting their name on papers, so I want to try this. Can you explain the bail part? Do they have to write their names that many times to get out? Do they do this during recess?

  2. Yes and Yes! I start the year with bail set at 10 names. Each time report cards are sent home, I increase bail by 10. They do their names during recess time. They can also go to name jail for very sloppy names on their papers!