Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrating 100 Followers!!!

To say thanks to my first 100 followers, I am giving away a phonics joke video.  Videos are three to seven minutes long.  Press play and a joke appears.  Students write the missing letters from a series of words to create the punch lines.  I had no idea how many ways this would benefit my readers when I originally made them.  They are sounding out the picute on the screen.  They sound out what they have written.  They predict what will come next in their answer.  They are becoming more confident spellers.  Not to mention that they LOVE doing it!  My class does two videos a day after recess.  It helps them unwind and refocus.  You can use any paper to do this.  We keep "joke journals" in our desks.  Videos can also be purchased in packs of 10 for $3.  I offer a new phonics joke each month.  Follow me on TpT for updates.

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