Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday Sale This Weekend!!!

It is my birthday and to celebrate I am having a sale!  Get Birthday Phonics Joke Videos for 50% off!  These videos come in two packs of 15.  I had to split them up due to large file size.  Each pack is normally $4, but this weekend only you can get BOTH packs for $4!  I keep the files pinned to my desktop and use one each time we have a birthday in our class.  The kids LOVE it and it is great reading practice!  Birthday Phonics Jokes Pack 1   Birthday Phonics Jokes Pack 2
Check out this sample joke.  The color and quality of this preview is NOT as good as the actual videos!

These jokes are perfect for transition times.  My kids keep "Joke Journals" in their desks.  After recess, we do two jokes everyday.  This is a quiet activity and it really helps them calm down and refocus.  I just press play and a joke is displayed.  The kids read the joke and then get to work creating the punch line.  They write the missing letters from a series of words.  As they work, they are sounding out what they have written and predicting what will come next.  They improve vocabulary, spelling, and handwriting.  THESE ARE GREAT! 

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