Friday, November 23, 2012

"I have, Who has?"

 Just got "I have, Who has?" cards up for the first two books of the reading series. I am aiming to get the rest up before Monday. These cards are great because the words spiral. If kids don't master the words by Friday, they will still be exposed to them with this game. There are cards for 24 and "Reading Helper" cards if you have more students than that. These cards are easy for first graders to use. The first card always has a green go. The last card always has a red stop sign. All the sight words are in bold print. There is a set of cards for the introductory unit free at my TpT store!



  1. Those look great! I love I have/Who has activities, and use them all the time in my classroom.

    I wanted to tell you that someone nominated me for a blog award, and I, in turn, nominated you:

    Good luck to you this Cyber Monday!

  2. Thanks! I just started my blog. It is a work in progress FOR SURE! Thanks for the nomination! I will check out your blog!