Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alphabetizing Sight Words Literacy Stations

Hands-on Practice! I print sight words for each story. There are two sets per page. I make enough cards for four sets (that way 4 kids can do this station at a time). I put stickers on each set so that the cards don't get mixed-up. I write the name of the story on the back of all the cards (in case we find one on the floor or in a desk next month!) I laminate the cards and put the scratchy side of velcro on the back. It only takes a little piece. I got FREE paint sticks from Wal-Mart. Other stores had shorter sticks. I like the size of the ones at Wal-Mart. I put the soft side of velcro on the entire length of the stick. Now the center is ready! Students grab a stick and a set of word cards. They arrange the words in alphabetical order. There is a worksheet that goes with the station. It has the alphabet printed on the bottom. Students can use this as an aide if they are still working on how to alphabetize. After all the words are on the stick, they write them on their worksheets. These cards are available at my store.

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