Monday, November 12, 2012

Can I (or should I) try to start this mid-year?

ABSOLUTELY!  You already know this group of kids and they know you.  Introduce pieces of the program.  Make it part of your current centers program as you get stations prepped.  Offer the choice to just early finishers (although the ones that finish early are not the ones that need the hands-on practice).  Even if you do not launch the program until next year, you can utilize components of it now.  Test the stations out.  See what rules you want to put in place for your future classes.  When school starts next fall, you will be ready to go!


  1. I really like your centers! This is my first year in first and we use Trophies. Centers are a challenge, I come from 4th grade and I did not use a center rotation. Thank you for creating resources...why reinvent the wheel?

  2. I tried to reinvent the wheel over and over and over! This really has been the easiest thing for me. The kids know what they are supposed to be doing and they do it. Everywhere you look, there are kids working on reading! It is the best thing I have tried and I am glad to hear that it is working for you too!