Saturday, November 10, 2012

Browsing Books

Ever wonder how to use those little books that are in the workbook? I have made a great use of them and would like to offer it to you for FREE! I give each student in my class a number (we use this for MANY THINGS). At the beginning of the year, I print this chart for each student, hole punch them, and put them in folders. I also put pouches in the folder. These hold the books. Each week, we make a new book that correlates with our story. We highlight the title of the book on the chart. That makes it easier to see which books kids already have. When you read the book to someone, they sign next to their number. After you have read to everyone in the class, you take the book home and get a prize. (I let my students pick from the treasure box.) There are 24 spots on the chart and a spot labeled A - for an aide or other adult (this is a great activity when parents want to help). There is also a spot with a T - for teacher. This keeps the kids accountable and motivates them to read. Students sign by their number when they read to themselves. Before I made the chart, I had shy kids who would roam around and not find kids to read to. With the chart, everyone must read to everyone in the class. Kids hunt out the shy kids and ask "Can I read to you?" Browsing Books is one of my literacy station choices each week. It is also a great time filler. If we finish a task early and have 10 minutes until lunch, I can tell them to do browsing books. If you like this freebie, please follow me. I have lots of Harcourt Trophies activities online and many more to come!

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