Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to School!

I was missing six kids today.  It was a quiet day.  Since we are only back for three days, we are using this as a review week.  I will assess all kids on their dolch words and math facts.  It was nice NOT doing our usual reading stuff today.  We spent the morning reading Jan Brett books (our current author study).  I even showed the kids a picture of me HOLDING a hedgehog!  It was from my nephew's birthday party on December 27th.  I am really afraid of all animals, but I knew Hedgie was coming up!


  1. Great pic I love it. It's nice to break from the routine for a bit especially with Jan Brett books.

  2. Thanks! I know I will be showing this picture to kids for years and years when we do our Jan Brett author study. I wish it was a better picture. I look like am going bald! :)